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Atlas is a PLS product designed specifically for organizations, corporations and agencies that have subject matter experts and analysts whose role is to provide analysis of a bill’s impact.  Atlas provides the ability to assign bills to experts, monitor the completion and progress of assignments and share comments and files between the legislative coordinator(s) and the subject matter experts.

Bill Assignments

Assign bills to your subject matter experts and manage these assignments using the PLS Atlas system.  Analysts have access to the latest bill summary, text and amendments, statute citations and staff analysis with which to perform the bill analysis.  Analysts may include notes, forward assignments to other subject matter experts with the correct permissions or attach files that include additional information such as a fiscal analysis in Microsoft Excel format.

Daily Assignment Alerts

Atlas will automatically alert analysts of any pending or new assignments on a daily basis via a customized email alert.  This is an optional feature and can be activated or deactivated for each individual analyst. There is also an automated reminder feature.

Analyst Communication Center

Atlas allows you to easily communicate key positions or ideas about assigned bills.  Within the analyst communication center, analysts and controllers can enter notes, answer specific questions devised by the account controller.

Include Analyst Notes in Custom Bill Reports

PLS Atlas has integrated the analyst component to allow notes or files from analysts to be included in your custom reports.


    • Allows the liaison (lobbyist) to assign bills to subject matter experts for analysis
    • Gives the analyst unlimited space to enter comments and analysis on a bill
    • Merges those comments directly into the tools used by the liaison or lobbyist such as committee hearings and tracking reports
    • Automatically notifies the analyst anytime there is a subsequent version of the bill (so the lobbyist doesn’t have to keep up with it)
    • Provides an audit trail so the liaison will know at any time what the status of the analysis is, what actions the analyst has done, allows for a time limit to be set for preparation of an analysis, and notifies when the analysis is past due.

ATLAS is seamlessly integrated into the PLS system so assigning bills to an analyst is easy and can be done at the same time as, adding bills to a tracking list.  After that, everything is automatic.

ATLAS is the only tool that merges expert commentary directly into the working tools so when the lobbyist is looking at committee hearings to attend, the expert commentary appears right there with the bill.  If the lobbyist is using a portable PDA device, comments entered only seconds ago from anywhere in the world can be viewed.

ATLAS is a powerful tool for all lobbyists.  It is designed to help pass or kill legislation.  You can generate great reports through ATLAS that management can utilize, and the analyses and associated documents created by ATLAS, can be viewed easily in PLS, but the greatest benefit is putting the support of an expert directly in touch with the person charged with trying to pass or kill a piece of legislation quickly and easily with but a click of the mouse.








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